Baby Cakes

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Baby Cakes

Post by Admin on Thu Apr 18, 2013 12:29 pm

Font-Shalimar Swash ROB

Cupcake by Designs by Sarah

Art By Keith Garvey

Make a 650x260 canvas-add a gradient layer
use two colors from tube or kit used.
then fill and flip
add the mid-sized tube
apply mura copies
line,default number
then click fade box.
set to soft light or as you like
add the main closeup
duplicate-place on left and right side
fade out to what looks good to you
merge layers
grab selection rectangle
and make a few selections
across middle coming down
shift key holding at same time
promote to layer
and apply photo effex

add your copyrights

and any other text.

add elements and arrange as you like

add borders 3,3 two different colors

promote to layer

tap inside middle border,apply simple-diamonds

avatar-copy merged and paste onto a 140x140 canvas

and repeat borders

Dazzlin Designs 2013 • Not to be removed or copied anywhere!!


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