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Sweet On You

Post by Admin on Thu May 02, 2013 7:05 pm

Sweet On You

Free Keith Garvey Tube

Begin by opening the tube
duplicate for 3 layers
on bottom copy apply xero soft mood
choose a purplish,not too dark.
play with the sliders till look is achieved
repeat on second layer for a pinkish look
top layer go to adjust /color manual color correction
choose a soft brown
take the eraser tool and begin erasing off top layer the head area
use a small eraser setting.
layer 2 on pink layer erase the mid section showing bottom layer-purple
when done,merge layers
and apply xero improver, default settings
choose a foreground color
and make a frame 10 width
draw outside tube layer
with her arm just outside it
and just below knee
tap inside frame-selections modify-expand by 5
press invert
highlight tube press delete-select none
add the paper of choice in same way.
add other elements and copyrights

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