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Post by Admin on Thu May 02, 2013 6:17 pm

Berry Blushes Blush-vi
Berry Blushes Mask9_Kreations-vi

Scrap used:Berry Blush by Designs by Sarah



Xero Emphasis

Flaming Pear Lux Glass for font

Toadies What R U

open tube of choice,merge layers to be used
copy paste as new image
canvas it up to 900×900
then re-size tube layer 95% about 10 times
bicubic.all layers un-checked.
take the frame shown,rotate left 90 degrees
place it below main tube
duplicate main tube
place below frame againbring one to top
erase off the parts showing below frame
then on bottom layer repeat erasure
she should look like she’s standing out of frame
fill a layer below tubes and frame with 2 colors to make a gradient
apply blinds inside psp
add elements merge all visible
apply xero-emphasis
duplicate then re-size bottom copy
apply toadies what r u

Dazzlin Designs 2013 • Not to be removed or copied anywhere!!

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