Sweet On You......

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Sweet On You......

Post by Admin on Thu May 02, 2013 4:20 pm

Art-Elias Chatzoudis

Sweet On You

Mask by SBlended
Gradient Glow-EC4
Toadies-What Are You

Okay,I am using psp 9 by Jasc Software
In Linux,any windows issues you may have are beyond
my help.
grab your mask and have it open in psp
add a paper of choice as new image.
Top of psp-layers-new mask from image
see mask in drop down dialog.
choose mask by Sblended
apply,merge group then visible only
do not flatten!
Keep your image transparent throughout
duplicate masked layer and apply xero porclain
then set to soft light
on bottom copy apply toadies what r u
your settings of choice.
begin adding the elements
arrange as you want.
add main tube below the bow
and erase off the lower parts
peeking out.

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