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Naughty-Naughty, Naughty-Naughty

Post by Admin on Thu May 02, 2013 8:50 am

Word Art by Rapsody Of UpYourArt
Kit by Addictive Pleasures-Rudolfina
Get the word art here
Tubes of choice.
I am using the stunning work of Steve Baier of UpYourArt
Open a paper of choice,and then open a mask to use

go to top in psp,new mask from image,drop downlist,find your mask

then load it,merge group then visible only

add the hear frame,add your tube,duplicate and pull one

below the erase off on bottom layer,a little bit at the time.

repeat on top layer,making sure top layer isn’t erased out too much.

Plugins,xero-porcalin on both layers of tube.

top layer,adjust blur by 2

soft light in layer properties.

layers merge all visible only.

add some bows and candy canes,lips or anything else wanted at this point.

add a slight shadow to elements only.

adjust sharpen 6 times on masked layer.

add your word art,and repeat sharpen,then colorize to fit kit.
repeat these steps on your name added using a font of choice.add copyright and save as .png

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