Gold Illusions

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Gold Illusions

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 24, 2013 7:12 pm

kit-Gold Rush

Make a 650 x 250 canvas
and open paperof choice
select all and paste into selection using the paper.
select none
add your tube and apply xero-soft mood
use these settings below

add and arrange all the elements you want to use…
set layer to soft light or screen your choice
add the frame and re-size as seen on left of my main tag.
add your tube into it as new layer
repeat soft mood filter
and apply VM Natural Sparkle
use these setting below

continue by applying muras copies to the tube

then set the tube layer over the paper

but above the other elements

after your happy with

merge visible


open a new canvas for avatar

paste as new layer

arrange the face showing

add borders two colors

first border black 3

second gold 1

then black again at 3

repeat this on main tag and add name and copyright

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