Who Me+Cluster Freebie

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Who Me+Cluster Freebie

Post by Admin on Wed Apr 24, 2013 10:06 am


Free Cluster

Filters: Used Not Required,Just Optional

Alien skin Bevel

Super blade Pro Glass

VM Natural Sparkle

I used the closeupfirst and applied a mask
on current image,not canvas,so it pulled
into the edges of the tube
add the print ele and add below the masked tube layer.
merge visible only
pick a paper and mask it using same mask,but mask to canvas.
now add the frame
add the pink diamond-oval
place to left.
add the ribbon cluster
and flower on left.
add main tube
and who me wordart.
type out your name
selection all
super blade pro
use the lux glass
and press apply.
select none

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