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Post by Admin on Wed Apr 17, 2013 7:56 pm

Punk Rock Cutie Pd-vi

Arthur Crowe
Punk Rock Cutie – Pimp’d Designz


On a large canvas,add the pink-grey paper
and open mask by Trese-0097,top of psp,layers-mask,new from image.
in drop list choose trese-0097
fit to layer and press okay
merge the layers-group only
add the rounded rectangle frame
add the cupcake,re-size a bit
place left bottom inside frame
add the paper by selecting inside frame-modify-expand by 5
invert-paste paper-re-size 95% or 80
press invert-delete-selection none
add the tube,and duplicate
hide top copy, and working on bottom copy
choose eraser tool
erase the legs up to bottom of frame
and now on top copy-un hide
and repeat the legs erase only
apply xero-porclaine
slider blue to zero
repeat on both copies of tube,and then merge layers
apply radiance just lightly
add copyrights and name,save as a .png

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